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Sponsor FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a team?

A: A typical Fall Recreational Team (U10, U12, U15) is supported by a $250 sponsorship. We have additional opportunities to sponsor larger groups of younger teams and also other events during the year. Please contact us at to inquire about those.

Q: Why did you add online registration?

A: The benefits of online registration are that it's easy (just a few simple steps), there is an option for secure electronic payment, and it allows us to build a database of contact information for the local businesses that support us.

Q: How would my business benefit from sponsoring a team?

A: Each Fall Recreational League sponsor will have their business name printed in block letters across the front of a team's jerseys. Additionally, each sponsoring business can submit a logo to be included in a scrolling advertisment window on our website. And you can feel good about supporting healthy kids in our community!

Q: Can I sponsor a specific team? My neighbor's daughter is playing and I'd like to be her team's sponsor...

A: Yes! You can request to sponsor a specific team, or even just a specific age & gender combination. These options are presented during online registration.

Q: What if I want the team I sponsor to have a jersey color that coordinates with my business colors?

A: You can request a first and second choice of jersey color during online registration. We can't make any guarantees, but we will try to honor as many requests as possible.